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Water level cross the Danger level at Srinagar

I.D. Srinagar Garhwal
Date:- 14/08/2023
Place:- Srinagar Garhwal
Time:- 6:00 AM
River:- Alaknanda River
Level:- 536.08 M
Trend:- increasing. Water level cross the Danger level
Alarming level:- 535.00 M
Danger Level:- 536.00 M
Rain:- 53.00 mm

Dear All,
Alaknanda river discharge at Rudraprayag confluence touched the mark of 5122.60
Cumes at 04:45 Hrs. Increased river inflows are expected to cross the Srinagar dam by 05:45 Hrs.
Information is provided for take up necessary action at downstream areas Shrinagar Dam.
Dam Control Room
Srinagar HEP(330 MW)

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